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Children's Services

Children's and Adolescent Psychotherapy Services at the Individual and Family CHOICES Program

Children are special people at CHOICES. We know that they hold the potential of the future within them and that the cost is high if they are not nutured, understood and valued for the cherished beings they truely are.  Therefore we have designed and developed a number of special spaces for them and have developed specialized programming that is targeted for their needs.

 From the first steps through the door of the CHOICES offices, children know that they are celebrated within our structure. The waiting area is comfortable for both children and adults with some special resources for parents bringing their children to us for services. There are comfortable chairs and reading materials generously placed around the space.

We have a dedicated Play Therapy Room where children find a safe space with protective guidelines in place to assist them in resolving any conflicts, issues, fears, or concerns. Our therapists have taken great care to equip the room with the best tools possible in helping the children we see at the center.

In the Spring of 2016 we brought in a Sand Tray Specialist and trained our entire staff on the use of Sand Tray Strategies in resolving traumatic stress. As a result of that training we developed and maintain a Life Span Sand Tray Room where children of all ages can work through traumatic stress and inner turmoil.

We also enjoy working with older children in the adolescent stage of life. We have some relevant reading materials for them in the waiting room as well. 

How Does Play Therapy Work?

How Does Sand Tray Therapy Work?

What are the Issues that our Specialists Treat?

We are specially trained to work with children and adolescents who have been traumatized by any form of abuse, neglect, or abandonment as well as extreme conditions that threatened a child's sense of safety or integrity. This then includes sexual, physical, emotional and psychological abuse as well as frequent disruptions in attachment due to intense medical procedures, frequent disruptions or moves in caregiving, frequent changes in foster care placement, or threats of danger and well being to a child's parent or caregiver as well. You are encouraged to call the CHOICES program if you are confused about whether your child's care is appropriate for our services.  

For many children the above issues translate into the following behavioral presentations: oppositional defiant behavior, conduct disorders, ADHD and other  disturbances of attention and focus, major mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder, anxiety and sleep issues, difficulties with trust of adults, attachment challenges and family relationship struggles, school failure. These are just a few of the behavious that our specialists have experience with and again you are encouraged to call the center for more information!

Our specialists can also help with children's issues that do not seem to stem from trauma based reactions. Children do not have to be traumatized to experience the discouragements that come from physiologically based mood issues, neurologically based ADHD or Autism/Aspergers disorders or anxiety issues. Children also struggle tremendously when there is a loss in the family due to a beloved relative's dealth or divorce and separation. We have the skills and the understanding to be of help to children who have these issues as well and we can provide guidance and support to their parents in helping to make things better.

                                                  Parents are Special Too!!

We have a unique program for parents who have experienced a traumatic childhood themselves.  When a parent has not had optimal child rearing for him or herself parenting the next generation becomes very difficult. Traumatic material that was thought to be contained in the past often reappears without much warning in the parenting practices of the present. At CHOICES we really understand that and have developed a special group for traumatized parents that focuses on healing your own trauma so that you can have more space to do the optimal parenting that you want to do with your own children. The special group is called the Self-Led Parent Therapy Group Program and to learn more about it simply call Lois at CHOICES!

Pictures of Our Expanded Dedicated Play Therapy